Today it is no longer surprising that gambling has penetrated the Internet and is deeply rooted in it. Indeed, there are numerous fans to try their luck, who diligently, in every possible way, try to risk their money. Sometimes they hit the jackpot, sometimes they are left with zero – everything is decided by Mrs. Fortune.

There are many sites of this kind now. I myself also occasionally try to play this kind of entertainment. The other day I came across a nice site: online casino roulette to play on webmoney, where they offer a lot of interesting things. It turned out that everything was done specifically for people. A well-thought-out slot machine, bets – you feel like you are in an elite casino in some Las Vegas. You can place a bet and wait for what the roulette wheel will show. Of course, this is an amateur’s pleasure, but we have a lot of such amateurs all over the country.

I myself remember the times when I actively bought lottery tickets in a small kiosk, hoping to win a large sum. But at that time I only saw small winnings. I never won big, so the idea remained unrealized. And so you want to feel like a millionaire! Well, it’s time to play roulette!

In different sources, the emergence of gambling is attributed to different cultures and eras – from ancient Greece to the era of Chinese dynasties. During the cultural heyday in 1638, a gambling establishment called “Ridotto” was opened in Venice, which is considered the first full-fledged casino.

At the end of the 19th century, the first slot machine was invented. Since that time, gambling has been banned from time to time, and gambling establishments have been closed and reopened.

In parallel with these processes, the games underwent certain changes, various variations appeared, and ultimately we already know the classic European and American roulette, blackjack, Texas poker and many other games that are already associated with a casino.

There are analogues of these games on all Cosmolot online platforms. But can land-based establishments fully compete with online casinos?

Probably this issue should be considered from the point of view of elementary facts.